16 October 2017: Marching Band Announcements

  1. Congratulations on several great performances last week!  From Festival to Senior Night, our students did a very fine job in the stands and on the field.  I also want to thank all students and volunteers for keeping a great attitude with the challenging weather Friday night!

  1. Fundraiser materials and money are due TOMORROW, TUESDAY.  Our goal is for everyone to sell five items.  If you have any unsold Bigby cards, they are due at that time.  Please check your e-mails from Mr. or Mrs. J. for details.

  1. Other than for Orlando travelers (SEE ANNOUNCEMENTS BELOW), we have no scheduled events outside of school this week.  Students not going to Orlando will be watching a video during fifth period on Thursday and Friday.  You may also feel free to bring in other homework to work on during that time.

  1. The Marching Band Spectacular is scheduled for Thursday 26 October.  Call time will be at 4:45 for uniforms (wear MSB t-shirt).  We will start with marching band pictures at 5:00 (both group and individual–order forms will be coming out soon).  The performance begins at 7:00pm, and includes our 7th and 8th grade bands as well.

  1. As listed on the calendar, our football team will have playoff games starting the weekend of October 27th and stretching until the day after Thanksgiving as long as they continue to win.  The playoff games will be mandatory for all band members.  If you have a conflict for one of those weekends (most likely on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons), you should complete an absence excuse form now.  Absences for playoff games will not be excused unless a form is approved at least two weeks before the potential game, and we will not know if we have a game until the week before, so please keep in mind you are requesting an excused absence in case we are in playoffs at the time of the absence.

  1. Meyer Music in Grand Rapids is holding two clinics in the upcoming weeks.  November 4 will be a morning clinic with Allen Vizutti, a nationally known trumpet player, and November 11 will be a morning clinic with Joseph Lulloff, the MSU saxophone professor.  More information can be found at this link: Meyer Music Clinics

Thanks, and have a wonderful week!  Here are some additional announcements for those traveling to Orlando with the band later this week:

  1. TONIGHT: Monday 16 October is a mandatory rehearsal and load in for all equipment and luggage.  You will need to bring your luggage completely packed, and immediately following rehearsal you will load that with your instrument onto the truck.  The truck will depart after this rehearsal, so you can not miss this.

    • Bring your luggage with you at 6:00pm when you arrive and place it in the band room (not directly on the truck).  After rehearsal, we will load instruments and uniforms.  We should be finished by 7:30pm.

    • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR LUGGAGE AND INSTRUMENT TAGGED WITH THE CARD GIVEN TO YOU AT THE INFORMATIONAL MEETING (IN YOUR TOURBOOK).  The third card should be placed on the backpack that you are bringing on the plane.  Your first initial and last name is all you need to write on the luggage card

    • Your marching shoes, black socks, gloves and hat will all be loaded into your garment bag prior to loading.  Please do not pack your black shoes and socks in your luggage–bring those to put in your garment bag.

  1. Call time to MSHS is 3:30am on Thursday morning (Wednesday night).  Set many alarms and message with others in the group to make sure you are awake.  We can not delay the departure time, and if you are not here on time, you will need to get to Chicago on your own.

  1. Barring any travel delays, we should be here no later than 10:00pm on Sunday night.  You are not excused from school on Monday, and you are expected to attend school.  I notified teachers of your absence three weeks ago and again late last week, but you should check-in with them to ask about make-up work and deadlines.

Jason S.A. Boyden

Director of Bands, Mona Shores Public Schools
Chair of Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee, MSTEA