Band Uniforms

Band Uniforms

Marching Season Uniform Requirements

Students will be responsible for wearing the following at every performance:

  • Black socks (provided by student)
  • Black Drill Master shoes (ordered for your student at uniform fitting, available for$35 pair)(Shoe rental is available first come first serve for $5 per use)
  • Black gloves (one pair provided free of charge at uniform fitting, replacements are available for $10 pair)
  • Uniform pants, jacket, hat and plume (provided for use free)
  • Navy band shirt or show shirt as instructed by director (provided free of charge)

Additionally, student must meet the following guidelines:

  • Students must wear their band/show shirt under their jacket specified by the band director.
  • Students may wear warm wear or other under-clothing under their uniform, but not pants, shorts or other outer clothing.
  • All hair must be pinned up and tucked under the hat, off of the forehead and neck.  This guideline applies to both boys and girls.
  • Students may not wear make-up or jewelry.
  • Uniforms will be laundered at regular intervals at no charge to the student.  However, stains on the uniform caused by carelessness (such as food or grass stains) will be removed by the Band Parent Association, and a cleaning fee will be assessed to the student.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner when in uniform.

Concert Season Uniform Requirements

Boys will be expected to wear the following items while performing during concert season:

  • Black socks (provided by student)
  • Black dress shoes or our black marching shoes (provided by student)
  • Black pants and jacket checked out at uniform fitting (provided for use free)
  • Black bow tie (provided for use free)

Girls will be expected to wear the following items while performing during concert season:

  • Black heels or flats – no tennis shoes (provided by student)
  • Black dress checked out at fitting (provided for use free)
For both Marching and Concert season, students who do not follow the uniform requirements will have 3 points deducted from their grade.  In extreme circumstances, students will be prohibited from performing and have 12 points deducted from their grade.

Band uniforms are maintained and cleaned by MSHS band parents. Please consider participating with uniform cleaning. Clean uniforms that help provide; a positive experience to our students, a positive image to the community and help extend the useful life to the uniforms.

Contact us to participate in cleaning uniforms – thank you.

MSHS Band Uniform Washing Instructions

MSHS Band Uniform Replacement Costs

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