Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About The Band

How is my student graded?

Click here to view the Mona Shores High School Bands course syllabi.

What is the MSBPA?

The Mona Shores Band Parent Association is the non-profit volunteer organization that serves the Mona Shores Band Program. Please keep in mind that the Mona Shore Band Parent Association is your organization, as a band parent…you are part of the group!  All parents are welcome and encouraged to participate with many of the bands activities. We help serve the band students and the various band events. You can discover that serving in these venues can be rewarding and fun. Many of the  MSHS band functions operate entirely with volunteer help from parents like yourself. Please consider giving some of your time to keep a great program going strong.


Every dollar you contribute is tax deductible and goes directly to supporting the needs of the wonderful Band Program our kids enjoy. ANY AMOUNT will help. THANKS!

How do I Get in Touch With Key Individuals?

Click here for contact information on our band directors and MSBPA board volunteers.

What is Scrip?

Click here to go to our information page on how you can earn free money for your students band account.

What Rules Does My Student Follow at Band Events?

The Mona Shores Schools Code of Conduct

All Mona Shores policies outlined in the student handbook are in effect during all band activities, whether on/off campus or during/outside of the school day.

What Are The Requirements Pertaining to Band Uniforms

Click Here to go to your M.S.H.S. Band Uniform information page

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Student in Band?

This is a great question and the answer all depends on your students instrument costs and level of involvement with the fund raising opportunities available to off-set those costs. Many of the band parents pay little or no fee’s because they participate in the fund raising venues. These are: Scrip (year round-even in the summer), pop can drives, March-A-Thon (once in the fall), Jazz-on-the-Lake (once in the spring) and other fund raising events. We believe that a limited number of quality high performance fund raisers will provide ample opportunities for both students and parents to raise the band funds needed…this fact has been proven by many band parents. Contact us and begin to reduce or eliminate your students costs…these are typically easy and fun.

Typical costs incurred per student:

  • Band Camp $365 (annually adjusted)

A limited number of camp scholarships & multiple student discounts will be available. Look for the June Band Camp News Letter in your mailbox for additional information.

  • Uniform Shoes $35 (annually adjusted) – no annual purchase required if your students shoe size remains the same
  • Black Socks you purchase locally
  • Food and Drink Surcharge $25 (annually adjusted) – this will very widely from year to year, based on band expenses (food and other band student consumable expenses) & offset by revenue(s) generated from band fund raising events...the more participation = lower student expenses!
  • Lost , Stolen or Damaged Band Uniform Items are the responsibility of the band student


Updated 04/13/2015




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