Mona Shores Bands: Winter Band Retreat

Concept and Format

This retreat serves two very important purposes.  First, it provides students a high quality educational experience to help them become better musicians and perform their festival program at a higher level.  Second, it gives our students a much needed opportunity to reconnect as an organization and regain some of the esprit de corps built earlier this year at summer band camp.

The retreat will have four rehearsal blocks–Friday afternoon, Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.  Family and friends, please join us for a performance of Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band premiering their festival programs at a midpoint in the rehearsal process.

Friday 18 January 2019

2:00 Set up/report to first rehearsals

2:15 Rehearsal (WE: Sectional, SB: Ensemble)

3:30 Transition/Break

3:45 Rehearsal (SB: Sectional, WE: Ensemble)

5:00 Dinner (provided)

6:00 Rehearsal (WE: Sectionals, SB: Ensemble)

7:10 Transition

7:20 Rehearsal (SB: Sectionals, WE: Ensemble)

8:30 Evening Activity/Movie in PAC

11:00p Dismissal

Saturday 19 January 2019

9:30 Rehearsal (WE: Ensemble, SB: Sectionals)

10:30 Transition

10:40 Rehearsal (SB: Ensemble, WE: Sectionals)

11:40 Transition

12:00Lunch (provided)

1:00 Rehearsal (WE: Ensemble, SB: Sectionals)

1:50 Transition

2:00 Rehearsal (SB: Ensemble, WE: Sectionals)

2:50 Transition (WE move to Town Hall)

3:00 End of Retreat Performance–ALL FAMILIES, PLEASE ATTEND! (not uniformed for students)

4:00 Dismissal

*Please note the date on the band calendar (1/20) for the performance is incorrect.  The date (1/19) listed above is correct. There are no scheduled events on Sunday.